Crisis Management (minor)


Project Description: This project is for emergency situation triage. Up to 15 days of services to manage an emergency situation. This includes coordination with other service providers (finance, PR, funders, etc.); hosted virtual meetings as needed; crisis-related document review or creation (ie: letters, press releases, etc.); phone calls, virtual meetings, etc.

The scope for this type of situation is a bit loose because every crisis is different. However, the scope here does not include other project work that may arise as a result of required corrective actions or negotiations during the crisis. (For example, updating an employee handbook or revising bylaws, etc.) Other project work may be recommended and ordered.

By purchasing this project you agree that this flat fee is fully earned regardless of how many days the crisis lasts, and in fact if we can make it smaller than 15 days that that is a positive and valuable result.

Typical Workflow:

  • Generally, with any emergency response situation there is a triage to stabilize a situation
  • We will generally meet to assess your organization's situation, review any documents you provide and come up with a plan of attack.
  • Often there is an event that must occur before progress is made
  • This is usually followed by a winding down phase and we will provide advice on corrective actions to take to prevent future emergencies.

Typical Timeline: 15 days starting from the date of purchase.

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15 Day, 30 Day

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