Draft Your Own Nonprofit Bylaws 
With Confidence
Attorney-quality documents, created by you!
You already know every new nonprofit needs bylaws. But how do you get bylaws that you know are going to work well? 

Googling for samples bylaws seems easy, but does the sample follow industry best practices? Would the sample get you in trouble with the IRS?? Can you really rely on an internet search to set your nonprofit up for success? 

Now, you don't have to.

For just $450, you can create your own bylaws using a system built and tested by a lawyer for nonprofits. 

Simply fill out a quick interview, and through the power of document automation Mission Guardian gives you the bylaws of your nonprofit governance dreams!

Maybe you're wondering – why are bylaws important, anyway? 

Think of nonprofit bylaws like the nonprofit's game day playbook. It's a big, long document that gives you all the rules and tools you need to run the organization.

If you have a good set of bylaws, it will set you up to succeed as a strong, healthy nonprofit. 

As you grow, the bylaws are your  nonprofit user manual. Eventually, you will face a situation you're not sure how to handle. (What if the president resigns? What if you need to call a special member vote?) Your bylaws are where you should find answers.

If they're good, the nonprofit bylaws can be a lifesaver.

But most of the time, new nonprofits settle for terrible bylaws.

There are lots of steps to getting a new nonprofit up and running. A lot of the time getting the bylaws right just seems like a *very* boring task.

So, to get through it quickly, one of the founders opens up Google...searches for "nonprofit bylaws sample," then adds some quick edits, and calls it good enough. 

Six months or a year later I hear from them because something is an awful mess. Most of the time I find that DIY bylaws have these problems:

  • Their bylaws don't comply with your state statute.
  • Their bylaws don't follow nonprofit best practices.
  • Their bylaws don't have everything  figured out and are missing terms.
  • ​Their bylaws are confusing or full of contradicting ideas.
  • ​Their bylaws are not written in a way that new board members can understand.

By the time people get to me with these bylaws they are frustrated and fed up...and about to part with a bunch of money to fix a big problem.
Who wants to waste time and money like that? Not you. 

Instead, you want to start with GOOD bylaws. Ones that...

  • Comply with your state statute.
  • Follow nonprofit industry best practices.
  • Help build a strong nonprofit that people want to give money to.
  • ​Use Plain English so the board can understand the rules.
  • ​Will stand the test of time as you grow and add new board members.

Unless you're an expert in this stuff, it can be really hard to know what to do. Even other lawyers volunteering on a board can get it wrong - let's be real - if it's outside of their main focus area they're probably starting with a Google search too!

Look, I get it. You're here to make a difference - not draft boring documents! 

That's where my Mission Guardian system comes in. Now you can get DIY Nonprofit Bylaws designed by a lawyer focused only on nonprofits like yours.

Think of it like a SaaS product (software as a service). The "Mission Guardian" system let's you draft your own set of bylaws with confidence because it's designed by an attorney for nonprofits.

Now for just $450, you can easily create your own document and know that you're starting out on the right foot. 

Why is it so affordable? Because it's automated software and not hiring a lawyer. You do the work. You learn from the educational interview materials and give your answers - then the software provides you with a document.

I've built Mission Guardian on years of lawyer experience combined with modern document automation technology. Mission Guardian provides you with a better way to get bylaws on a budget.

No more guessing with samples from the internet. Is that sample you Google'd good enough? Who knows?! Does this sample follow current nonprofit sector best practices? No clue! Stop that today. No more grabbing a random document and hoping for the best.
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